Back in the Saddle again.

Some things –  like Aerosmith songs – can’t just happen once. So, after much consideration, I’ve decided to return to Africa for a second trip to Liberia. I’ll be gone from March 30th to May 30th.

“Well,” you’re probably asking, “You never finished updating your last journey there.” Well, you’re quite right internet stranger. I did do a poor job of finishing up my last experience. To that, I apologize. There really isn’t much of an excuse. I left Liberia, returned home and enjoyed a rather relaxing 21 day self imposed quarantine. Much netflix and counterstrike were enjoyed. I still have a post or two left in the brain box  to toss in here from my last experience. So expect an “Ebola throwback” episode now and then.

What have I been up to since? Not a whole lot. My beautiful girlfriend gave birth to a rather gorgeous baby girl on February 3rd. She pushed, and I actually delivered, which was quite a wonderful experience. If the little girl turns into a bad teenager (as we all turned into bad teenagers), I can pull the, “I brought you into this world, I can take you out of it.” Line.

Here, enjoy bebe pictures.



Boom! Look at that. She’s healthy, enjoys doing baby activities, drinking breast milk, pooping, peeing, crying about things, and trying to figure out what hands are for.

Oh, and to commemorate my trip, I added another tattoo to the collection.


(Coloring it in)

(All done)

The thing in the middle is the actual Ebola Virus, and the words “A love of Liberty brought us here” happens to be the Liberian national motto. I think it fits pretty well. Although, it did hurt a little bit.


I started a new job at a Psych hospital, which was a interesting career move. I’ve never worked psych before, and dealing with the patients takes a lot of patience. Even though they may only claim to be the president of the United States, calling them commander and chief will help them take some meds. I’d been working two days, two whole days at this new position when I got the call to head back to Africa.

I couldn’t exactly say no – it was a great opportunity. So I walked into the Director of Nurses office, and told her about the situation. I expected a swift reprimand, a “Why are you wasting our time even coming” sort of attitude. However, I found her to be warmly receptive to the idea, she encouraged me to do it, and that my job would be waiting when I returned. I was pretty stunned. So I’d have a pretty good paying job when I get home as well.

Several obstacles have so far appeared, preventing a smooth move back to Kasava land.
1. Girlfriend needs a place to live before April 1st, the time I found I was leaving to Africa and the time I left is around three weeks. Finding an actual place to live in that short amount of time has been difficult. Most apartment complexes are full, and the one place we’ve found so far has pretty much required everything except my first born childs soul to get in. So far I’ve given:
1. Pay Stubs
4.Current Contract for when I go overseas
5.Letter from Psych Hospital
6. Promised to give 3 months rent down payment plus a deposit.
Today is Thursday, I’m supposed to leave for Monrovia on Monday and we still haven’t moved yet. This, not leaving to combat Ebola is what currently fills my day with stress.

2. Needing a new vehicle. Sadly, my old car Winnona RideInHer was on her last legs. A recent attempt to change her oil was foiled by a blown oil gasket. So I, feeling like an adult, went to a car dealership and got a new vehicle. A fancy 2012 Chevy Equinox (Her name shall be CARline). Trading in a vehicle, getting insurance, and filling out the paperwork was significantly easier than finding a place to live.

Okay, well I guess there were only two main things impeding my return to Africa. I’m definitely going to miss my baby, girlfriend, dog, and family again. This stint is going to be a bit longer, from March 30th to May 30th, but It’s not as scary as it was before. Ebola is almost non existent over there, we’ll be mostly on standby in case an outbreak occurs. Plus, I’ve done it before. The first time jitters are gone.

One thought on “Back in the Saddle again.

  1. Hey, have a great time in Liberia. I was there as a swedish peacekeeper (soldier) back in 2005. I loved my time there, the people and the land itself!

    I hope you will have a good time there!


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