Leaving for the Hot Zone

Sorry about the lack of another update detailing the week of training, I have become side tracked, however it is still in the works and will come at some point.

Our hot training was supposed to start today for all of us, however there weren’t any spots open at any ETUs the number of patients wasn’t high enough. A lot of the ETU’s have empty or near empty beds. So we were told we’d have to wait a couple weeks possibly before we received any training with active ebola patients.

That changed on Sunday. Bong county got hit hard with patients and they are in desperate need of our services. Three of the team went to the overflow site, and myself, a doc and another nurse are going to the bong county etu. Sorry about the writing, it’s late and I’m tired. I’m also a bit nervous of this actually happening. However it’s what we came for, what we all wanted to do.

and like the tattoo on my side reads, “Aut Viam Invinium aut Faciem.”

“If I can’t find a way, I’ll make one.”

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